Negotiating Skills in Engineering and Construction

Bill Scott and Bertil Billing

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ISBN: 9780727715173

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 17/07/1990

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

Page Size: 145x220mm

Number of Pages: 223

Negotiating Skills in Engineering and Construction


This book is about the personal skills which engineers use in negotiations. It covers the different negotiating skills needed during all three phases of a contract: to secure it, during its lifetime, and to settle outstanding matters afterwards. The book also shows how to respond to negotiators from other styles and cultures. It is a handbook of methods: ways to prepare, to establish a climate, to plan and control. It discusses the processes of bargaining and settling, and how to select the most appropriate course for the changing relationships between the parties of the contract, all backed by examples and anecdotes. It will be of inestimable value to engineers who are beginning to negotiate and take responsibility for major contracts, senior engineers will find new insights to broaden their experience, and young engineers will gain essential grounding from the wealth of practical detail.


Engineers negotiations

Part 1.The Engineer as Seller and Buyer
• Synopsis of Part 1
• Early stages
• Negotiating procedure
• Preperation
• Bidding and tendering
• Bargaining
• Settling
• Aggressive negotiating
• The Engineer as buyer

Part 2. The Engineer as Partner
• Synopsis of part 2
• Another pattern of nigotiation
• Role negotiation
• Negotiating skills during the contract
• Claims
• Multi-sided negotiations
• Negotiations after the contract
• Choosing negotiations and forming teams
• Internal negotiations
• Consortia and joint ventures

Part 3.Universal Issues
• Synopsis of Part 3
• Problem Solving
• Negotiating devices
• Differences between cultures
• Negotiating strategies
• A framework of negotiating skills
• Appendix