Developments in tidal energy

Institution of Civil Engineers

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ISBN: 9780727715715

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 30/09/1990

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

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Number of Pages: 320

Developments in tidal energy


This is an analysis of the issues involved in assessing the viability of barrage construction with particular reference to the Severn barrage and the Mersey tidal project. The book explores the projects from site investigation and promotion to turbine generators and energy production.


• An introduction to the Severn barrage development project - project promotion aspects

• Severn barrage - site investigation and barrage layout

• Severn barrage - civil engineering aspects

• Turbine generators for the Severn barrage

• Energy production

• Getting the power away

• Tidal power from the Mersey - history and prospects

• Progress on civil engineering and planning on a Mersey tidal project

• Electrical and mechanical engineering aspects of a Mersey tidal project