Tidal Power Trends and Developments

R Clare

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Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 09/04/1992

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

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Number of Pages: 332

Tidal Power Trends and Developments


This volume covers works and studies on tidal power currently being undertaken, both nationally and internationally. Papers included cover the proposed Mersey barrage. The Department of Energy's continued variety of genetic work on tidal power and various overseas studies carried out by other experts are also detailed, giving the reader an up to date picture of developments in tidal power worldwide.


• Annapolis: the Straflo Turbine and other operating experiences

• Current status of tidal power in the bay of Fundy

• The Mersey Barrage - civil engineeering aspects

• The Mersey Barrage - the impact on shipping

• The Mersey Barrage - mechanical and electrical development

• The Mersey Barrage - hydraulic and sedimentation studies

• The Mersey Barrage - preparations for an environmental assessment

• The Mersey Barrage - further assessment of the energy yield

• The Mersey Barrage - indirect benefits: the economic and regional case

• The Mersey Barrage - finance and promotion: the way forward

• Feasibility of a Conwy Barrage

• Tidal energy from the Wyre

• Environmental aspects of small tidal power schemes

• Prospective tidal power projects in the Kimbereley region of Western Australia

• Update on Severn Barrage studies

• The environmental effects of tidal energy

• Composite construction of caissons

• Field, laboratory and mode feasibility of a tidal barrage

• The Rance Tidal Power Station: a quarter of a century in operation

• Tidal power in Russia