Remote Techniques for Nuclear Plant


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Publish Date: 15/04/1993

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

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Remote Techniques for Nuclear Plant


This volume covers the practical application of remote technology to all types of nuclear plant, both experimental and commercial. It concentrates on the remote inspection, refurbishment and decommissioning of: reactor pressure vehicles; reactor internal components, primary circuits, boiler and steam generators, PIE. and fuel routes, reprocessing plant and radioactive waste storage.

The emphasis is on equipment currently in use, and it also covers equipment under consideration and development.

Consisting of 44 papers, these proceedings draw on the experience of nuclear engineers from around the world to form a substantial reference work on remote techniques for the inspection and refurbishment of nuclear plant.


• Internation overview

• Inspection

• Inspection, simulation and control

• Robotics, refurbishment and decommmissioning

• Refurbishment, waste management and decommissioning

• Robotics, simulation and control