Repair of concrete bridges: A TRL state-of-the-art report

G P Mallett, Consulting Engineer

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ISBN: 9780727720078

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Publish Date: 19/10/1994

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

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Repair of concrete bridges: A TRL state-of-the-art report


Concrete bridges form an essential part of the highway infrastructure in the UK, but many have deteriorated significantly over the past 20 years. In 1989, the Department of Transport published the results of a survey of 200 concrete bridges, which predicted that a total of about £600 million would need to be spent over the next ten years on the maintenance and repair of the country`s bridge stock.

Since the publication of the Department of Transport report, interest in the durability and maintenance of concrete bridges has grown immensely and a wealth of information and research both from the UK and from overseas has been published regarding deterioration, detection of defects and techniques for repair and protection.

Repair of concrete bridges has been compiled by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to summarize this wealth of information - conference papers, research and technical reports, national press coverage and the accumulated experience of engineers and researchers in the field - to provide a state of the art review of the repair, maintenance and protection of concrete bridges.

It contains numerous case histories from around the world which illustrate the various problems and pitfalls that engineers have encountered and presents the practical solutions to these problems that have been devised and implemented. The knowledge it provides will increase the expertise of structural engineers, and help to safeguard the huge investment which bridges represent.


• Durability and maintenance
• Case histories
• Detection and monitoring
• Repair techniques
• Protection
• Surveys, studies and trials
• Performance and criteria
• Conclusions
• Appendices