Dynamic Mentoring for Civil Engineers

H Macdonald Steels

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ISBN: 9780727730039

Format: Paperbound

Publish Date: 08/10/2001

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

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Number of Pages: 160

Dynamic Mentoring for Civil Engineers


The most important resource for any company in the construction industry today is its workforce. In order to maximise the skills, abilities and commitment of its workforce, a company must reconsider the importance of training as a vital part of their business development. To develop employees’ talents to their maximum potential, as quickly as possible requires quality mentoring, and mentors need to be carefully chosen and better trained to undertake this vital role.

Dynamic Mentoring for Civil Engineers offers practical guidance on how mentors can quickly achieve the required competencies in their trainees and looks specifically at the detail of how to make mentoring work effectively in practice. It provides an accessible guide to offer help in solving any problems with training. Each stand-alone chapter can be used for handy reference on particular matters as the need arises. The comprehensive index enables readers to easily find the answers to their questions.

'Mac' Steels is a qualified trainer and Regional Liason Officer for the Institution of Civil Engineers. Based on his extensive involvement with training in many organisations, this authoritative text will be essential reading for all engineers involved with mentoring.



• Management of change

• Operational factors influencing the business objectives of training

• Influences of personnel recruitment on the business objectives of training

• How ICE qualifying and training criteria fit the business objectives

• The Institution of Civil Engineers' training scheme

• Preparing a training scheme

• Training agreements for the ICE's training system

• The mechanics of the ICE's training scheme

• Recruitment of trainees

• Mentoring - the theory

• Mentoring in practice

• Quarterly reports

• Mentor response to quarterly reports

• Monitoring progress

• ICE professional review

• Sponsor's scrutiny of submission documents

• Preparation for review

• The aftermath of failure

• The reviewers