Designers' Guide to Eurocode 6: Design of Masonry Structures

John Morton

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ISBN: 9780727731555

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 23/11/2011

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 297x210mm

Number of Pages: 166

Designers' Guide to Eurocode 6: Design of Masonry Structures


This series of Designers’ Guides to the Eurocodes provides comprehensive guidance in the form of design aids, indications for the most convenient design procedures and worked examples. The books also include background information to aid the designer in understanding the reasoning behind and the objectives of the codes. All of the individual guides work in conjunction with the Designers’ Guide to EN1990: Basis of Structural Design.

Valuable insight is given into Eurocode 6, the code that addresses unreinforced and reinforced masonry structures, where reinforcement is added to provide ductility, strength or improve serviceability, and provides the structural rules for designing a composite material comprising masonry units and mortar. This detailed guide complements the Eurocode standard, dealing with the various sub-sections of EN 1996-1-1, and explaining areas where change has overtaken the traditional approach used in the previous British Standards. The UK National Annexes for EN 1996-1-1 are also covered.

This guide is essential reading for
• civil and structural engineers
• code-drafting committees
• clients
• structural-design students
• public authorities



Chapter 1 - General

Chapter 2 - Basis of design

Chapter 3 - Materials

Chapter 4 - Durability

Chapter 5 - Structural analysis

Chapter 6 - Ultimate Limit State

Chapter 7 - Serviceability Limit State

Chapter 8 - Detailing

Annex 1 - Characteristic compressive strength of masonry fk based on UK National Annex
Annex 2 - Conversion of the mean compressive strength of units to the normalised mean compressive strength
Annex 3 - Examples of Determining fk
Annex 4 - Tables of the reduction factor, in the middle of the wall height
Annex 5 - Calculations and design examples