Designers' Guide to Eurocode 5: Design of Timber Buildings

Jack Porteous and Peter Ross

Price: £ 64.00

ISBN: 9780727731623

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 26/04/2013

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 297x210mm

Number of Pages: 220

Designers' Guide to Eurocode 5: Design of Timber Buildings


This guide interprets and assists in the use of EN 1995-1-1 structural timber.  Showing typical material properties and dimensions; modifiers, and structural reponses, it presents concise worked examples.  Connections, an especially critical aspect of timber design, are thoroughly addressed. 

Relationships with other Eurocodes are explained, particularly those for EN 1990 Basis of Design.  It cites British Standard - European Standard (BS EN) documents supporting the Construction Products Directive in structural timberwork.  Copious references permit readers to investigate beyond the code background within the guide itself.



Chapter 1. General

Chapter 2. Basis of design

Chapter 3. Material properties

Chapter 4. Durability

Chapter 5. Basis of structural design

Chapter 6. Ultimate limit states

Chapter 7. Serviceability limit states

Chapter 8. Connections with metal fasteners

Chapter 9. Components and assembles

Chapter 10. Structural detailing and control

Chapter 11. Informative annexes

Chapter 12. Timber in fire

Chapter 13. The design of multi-storey timber frame wall diaphragms

Appendix A. Possible changes to EN 1995-1-1