Role of Concrete in Nuclear Facilities

Professor Ravindra K Dhir, Dr Kevin A Paine, Mr M C Tang

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Role of Concrete in Nuclear Facilities


Concrete is at something of a crossroads: there are many opportunities and some threats.  For those opportunities to change into beneficial practice, engineers, material scientists, architects manufacturers and suppliers must focus on the changes that are required to champion concrete and maintain its dominance within the global construction industry.

The Concrete Technology Unit (CTU) of the University of Dundee organised this Congress to address these changes, under the theme Global Construction: Ultimate Concrete Opportunities 5-7 July 2005.

The three-day International Congress consisted of ten Events:

Role of Concrete in Nuclear Facilities forms the Proceedings of Event 9 and deals with issues such as constituent materials and concrete requirements and considerations for nuclear infrastructure. 


Organising Committee 
Scientific and Technical Committee
Collaborating Institutions
Sponsoring Organisations With Exhibition
Exhibiting Organisations
Supporting Institutions 
Opening Paper 
Concrete Behaviour in Engineering Barriers for Low and Medium Radioactive Waste Repository: Example of El Cabril, Cordoba, Spain

• Keynote Paper
• Continuing the Service of Nuclear Power Plant Civil Structures A Review of Activities and Research Needs  
• Heavyweight Concrete with Steel Slag Aggregates 
• Indian Experience in Self-Compacting Concrete 
• Tensile Strength of Two-Stage Concrete Measured by Double-Punch Tests 
• Bound Water Content, Permeability and Residual Compressive Strength of Concrete at High Temperatures 
• Criteria for and Prediction of Limit States of Degradation of Reinforced Concrete Structures 
• The Extra-Heavy Concrete for Protection from Radiation

• Keynote Paper
• International Developments in the Field of Ageing Management of Nuclear Power Infrastructure 
• Dounreay ILW Shaft: Integrity of the Stub Tunnel Plug 
• Dynamic Response Analysis of Concrete Structures: Simplified Design Method and its Limitations 
• Performance of Concrete Structures for Nuclear Reprocessing Plant: Review of Current Research and Future Requirements 
• An Active Facility Management Strategy for Containment of Intermediate Level Waste Using Risk-Based Service Life Modelling of Reinforced Concrete
• Assessment of Corrosion Damaged Reinforced Concrete Structures
• Radwaste Treatment Technologies 
• Cemented Waste forms for Disposal of Nuclear Wastes
• Closing Paper

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