Dispute Boards: Procedures and Practice

G. P. Owen MSc BSc CEng FICE FConsE FCIArb

B. W. Totterdill BSc(Hons) CEng FICE FIStructE FIPENZ FCIArb MAE FFB

Price: £ 84.00

ISBN: 9780727735089

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 14/11/2007

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

Page Size: 234x156mm

Number of Pages: 304

Dispute Boards: Procedures and Practice


This book outlines the various contract procedures which require or permit the use of Dispute Boards. It gives a detailed explanation of the interpretation and application of each requirement, both practical and legal/contractual, while referring to the international Conditions of Contract published by FIDIC as well as to other published procedures where relevant.

Practical guidance to common problems:
The book also deals with the functions, practicalities and procedures of Boards from their inception through to their constitution and workings. The book outlines the requirements and outputs of Boards and describes in detail their day to day activities and the pitfalls which members of Boards may fall into.

The authors, who are currently at the forefront of Dispute Board development, examine the various alternative forms of Dispute Boards and the procedures which are currently in use. The duties and responsibilities of individual Dispute Board members are defined together with ideal and best practice guides.

Templates for agreements and forms of procedural rules:
The authors explain the specific requirements for the outputs of Dispute Boards including site visit reports, decisions and recommendations which Boards are required to produce from time to time and provide examples of the required outputs. The book incorporates standard forms of procedures and extracts from relevant contracts.

World Bank rules to make Dispute Boards compulsory on all projects:
With the announcement by the World Bank that Dispute Boards will become compulsory for all future projects funded by them, this book offers the definitive guidance on the use of the Boards to provide a one-stop-shop for all related practitioners.


• What is a dispute board?

• Alternative DAB procedures

• Composition of a dispute board

• Standard operation of a dispute board

• Site visits

• Referral to a dispute board

• The dispute board hearing

• The dispute board decision

• Recommendations and opinion of a dispute board

• Implementing and enforcing a dispute board decision

• Dispute board variations