Portland Cement, 3rd edition

Lesley Struble, Paul Livesey, Peter Del Strother and G Bye

Price: £ 84.00

ISBN: 9780727736116

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 15/04/2011

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234x156

Number of Pages: 230

Portland Cement, 3rd edition


The third edition of this popular book provides a concise overview of the properties and manufacturing processes of Portland Cement, which students of material sciences and graduates looking to enter the cement or concrete industries will find invaluable.

While Portland Cement is one of the most traditional of construction materials, rising costs of the energy required for its manufacture and an increased awareness of the cement industry’s environmental impact have continued to sustain interest in understanding its behaviour and properties. With the increasing use of admixtures and mineral additives in the production of high quality concretes, this fundamental understanding continues to be of utmost importance in the design of concrete structures.

Updated to reflect the latest BSI standards, Portland Cement, Third edition gives an account of cement composition, manufacture, quality assessment, hydration and the resulting microstructure-physical property relationships, and some mechanisms of the chemical degradation of hardened cement paste. This edition concludes with a new chapter that looks at the environmental impact of cement manufacture.

Portland Cement, Third edition:

• provides a solid understanding of the production and properties of Portland Cement written and edited by leading experts in industry and academia
• references latest BSI codes and cement production techniques 
• provides an introduction to the environmental impact of the cement industry

Primarily intended for students of materials sciences and graduates in pure science or engineering entering the cement or concrete industries, Portland Cement, Third edition will also provide the perfect introduction to engineers involved in the design of concrete structures requiring clear, concise information on the material and its production.


• Introduction to Portland cement

• Supplementary cementing materials

• Standards and test methods

• Hydration of cement

• Cement admixtures

• Cement in mortar and concrete

• Durability of cements and concretes

• Portland cements

• Sustainability and environmental impacts