Qualityreviewer: Appraising the Design Quality of Development Proposals

R. Cowan, S. Adams and D. Chapman

Urban Design Skills

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Publish Date: 24/05/2010

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

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Qualityreviewer:  Appraising the Design Quality of Development Proposals


Will this planning proposal create a well-designed development? Every year that question is asked of hundreds of thousands of planning applications, ranging from household extensions to new settlements. Each development has the potential to help make a place that is more attractive, more pleasant to live in, more economically successful and a better use of resources.

The role of planners, councillors and others in assessing design is one of the few means of making sure that those opportunities are not lost to narrow interests or short-term expediency. But too often those who are in a position to raise standards suffer from a lack of time, resources or skills. Qualityreviewer provides them with a method of design appraisal that can be used for all types of development.

Qualityreviewer identifies 10 essential questions to ask in assessing design:

• What is special about the place?
• How should policy and guidance be applied?
• What is the design concept?
• How significant is the scheme’s impact likely to be?
• What are the design’s strengths and weaknesses?
• Does the design team have the right skills and approach?
• How can we ensure that the design will be well executed?
• Is the scheme likely to be well managed and maintained?
• Do we need more information and advice?
• Is the design good enough?

In explaining how to answer those questions, Qualityreviewer provides new skills for planners, councillors, regeneration professionals, students and anyone else who is committed to raising standards of design quality.


Planning for quality
How to use Qualityreviewer

Part A: Qualityreviewer
• Understand the place
• Understand the proposal
• Understand the implementation
• Make the decision
Qualityreviewer at a glance

Part B: Thinking about design and quality
• Using diagrams
• Six sets of design qualities

Part C: Qualityreviewer in the planning process
• Pre-application discussions
• Effective design statements
• Outline and full planning applications
• Beyond assessment