Pedestrian Facilities: Engineering and Geometric Design

John Schoon

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ISBN: 9780727740694

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 06/05/2010

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

Page Size: 234x156mm

Number of Pages: 374

Pedestrian Facilities: Engineering and Geometric Design


Pedestrian facilities: Engineering and geometric design is the first text to deal exclusively with the engineering and numerical design aspects of pedestrian facilities, such as footways, uncontrolled and controlled crossings along roads and at junctions, roundabouts and driveways where pedestrian and vehicular traffic interact.

The focus throughout is on the dimensional aspects of pedestrian facilities needed to provide safe mobility to encourage increased walking, and the design of individual elements of a pedestrianís route. In addition, there is coverage of the theory regarding individual and group pedestrian characteristics, which forms the basis for the practical applications of these elements, as well as sections on the simulation and auditing of pedestrian facilities, capacity analysis, and the design of pedestrian facilities for disabled users.

Intended for use by practitioners and students involved in civil engineering aspects of design projects for highways and public spaces, the book draws together material from many different and often overlapping sources, providing design information intended to assist urban planners, architects and the wide range of people involved with facilities within the public realm.



• Introduction

• Codes of conduct – the Highway Code

• Driver and vehicle characteristics

• Pedestrian characteristics

• Disabled pedestrians’ characteristics

• General road layout practice

• Crossings at unsignalled locations

• Signalled pedestrian crossings – geometric design

• Facilities for inclusive mobility: design guidelines
• Pedestrian facilities at roundabouts

• Pedestrian facilities at mini-roundabouts
• Design for combined pedestrian and other non-motorised users

• Audits for non-motorised user (NMU) facilities

• Pedestrian flow and capacity: the highway capacity manual
• Simulation and computerised models of pedestrian facilities

• Examples and case studies