Water Distribution Systems

Edited by Dragan Savic and John Banyard

University of Exeter

Price: £ 98.00

ISBN: 9780727741127

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 12/01/2011

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234x156

Number of Pages: 358

Water Distribution Systems


This book is a basic introduction to water distribution systems, including definition of its common elements, modelling theory, basic planning, operational and management issues, as well as some advanced topics including leakage management, optimal design, asset planning and management, etc.

Each chapter is written from both the academic and industrial points of view and cover the basic topics on water distribution networks – a uniquely useful book – applicable across the sectors. Water Distribution Systems will satisfy the needs of postgraduates and early-stage practitioners, training to become water industry practitioners.


1. Historical Development of Water Distribution Practice
• History of water treatment and supply
• Evolution of pipeline materials
• Development of pipe flow calculations
• Analysis of pipe networks

2. Basic Hydraulic Principles
• Basic fluid properties
• Basic flow properties
• Losses in pipes
• Steady flow analysis in networks
• Unsteady flow analysis in networks
• Water quality analysis in networks

3. Water Demand: Estimation, Forecasting and Management
• Variations in water demand
• Components of demand
• Drivers of demand
• Estimating current demand
• Forecasting demand
• Managing demand
• Water neutrality
• Modifying lifestyles
• Visions for the future

4. Water Supply Systems
• Water resources and their management
• Water treatment
• Water distribution systems

5. Distribution Network Elements
• Pipes
• Pumps
• Valves
• Service reservoirs
• System integration
• Surge control

6. Network Modelling
• Models
• Basic modelling principles
• Data for network modelling
• Model building
• Model calibration

7. Design of Water Distribution Systems
• WDS requirements
• Optimal design of WDSs
• Planning of WDSs under uncertainty
• Introduction to flexible designs for WDSs

8. Operation, Maintenance and Performance
• Historic development of networks and regulation
• Monitoring
• Analysis
• Interventions
• Decisions
• Evaluation

9. Asset Planning and Management
• Introduction and background
• The regulatory framework
• Asset management drivers
• Asset performance indicators (PIs)
• Asset management techniques
• Asset interventions
• Asset deterioration
• Failure consequence evaluation
• Whole-life-costing-based asset management
• Summary and future work

10. Finance and Project Appraisal
• Why project appraisal?