Deterioration and Maintenance of Pavements

Derek Pearson

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ISBN: 9780727741141

Format: Paperbound

Publish Date: 22/12/2011

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 276x219mm

Number of Pages: 304

Deterioration and Maintenance of Pavements


Deterioration and Maintenance of Pavements is a hands-on guide to the practicalities of pavement engineering – an essential learning tool for students and an indispensible reference for practitioners.

This book covers the complete spectrum of pavement types, from footways to runways and from heavily traffi cked roads in the UK to unpaved roads worldwide. Addressing specific practical issues including drainage and vehicle flow, and considering state-of-the-art data collection techniques for pavement evaluation, the author equips readers with the knowledge and tools to make judgements on appropriate maintenance strategies for a wide range of pavements.

• Numerous international examples illustrating the causes of failures and their practical solutions.
• Wide-ranging coverage including design, preventative maintenance, and investigation and evaluation.
• Accessible, easy to understand narrative style.
• Extensive references for wider reading and further study.

Deterioration and Maintenance of Pavements is a comprehensive and instructive manual. Required reading for students of pavement engineering looking to gain a complete understanding of pavement deterioration and maintenance, this book is also an essential resource for practicing pavement engineers, contractors and local authorities.


• Pavements and their Management

• Footways and Walkways

• Generic Pavement Types

• Deterioration of Pavements

• Pavement Evaluation and Data Collection

• Visual Distress on Pavement Surfaces

• Traffic Loading

• Construction Inventory

• Skid Resistance

• Roughness

• Drainage of Pavements

• Structural Condition Data Collection

• Repair and Maintenance - Asphalt Pavements

• Pavement Maintenance - General Considerations

• Repair and Maintenance of Unpaved Roads

• Elemental Paving

• Concrete Pavements

• Pavement Design

• Mechanistic-empirical Pavement Design Principles

• Analytical Pavement Design - General Principle

• Strengthening of Pavements

Glossary of Terms