ICE Manual of Structural Design: Buildings

John Bull (Ed)

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ISBN: 9780727741448

Format: Hardback

Publish Date: 23/10/2012

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 276x219

Number of Pages: 444

ICE Manual of Structural Design: Buildings


Part of the ICE manuals series, ICE Manual of Structural Design is the essential reference for all structural engineers involved in the design of buildings and other structures. The manual takes a project oriented approach, covering key issues that design professionals face at the outset of a project such as sustainability, risk management and how to understand the client’s needs, before going on to cover the core issues of concept design and the detailed design of structural components.

ICE Manual of Structural Design:
• Approaches the key issues relating to design as they would arise on a typical project
• Provides an understanding of the key structural design issues at concept designstage
• Gives practical advice on designing structural components to Eurocode specifications


• Section 1: Fundamentals
- Introduction
- Managing risk in structural engineering
- Core knowledge
- Sustainability
- Design for life
- Computational design and analysis

• Section 2: Concept design
- Key issues for buildings
- Typical issues for generic building types
- Tall buildings
- How buildings fail
- Loading
- Fire protection
- Robustness
- Soil-structure interaction
- Materials
- Stability
- Movement and tolerances

• Section 3: Detailed design
- Concrete
- Steel
- Timber
- Masonry
- Structural glass