Initial Professional Development for Civil Engineers

H. Macdonald Steels

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ISBN: 9780727741479

Format: Paperbound

Publish Date: 24/03/2011

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 216x128mm

Number of Pages: 132

Initial Professional Development for Civil Engineers


Initial Professional Development for Civil Engineers provides a core ‘foundation’ of information, on skills, knowledge and understanding, on which the development of every civil engineer, and their preparation for professional reviews, is based.

The chapters provide guidance for any candidate and their mentors to make sense of the IPD process, providing a valuable insight into how to review their experience and the learning they must take from it. The book offers every review candidate the vision to select the key, important elements of experience to demonstrate their understanding, skills, knowledge and insight.

Initial Professional Development for Civil Engineers:

• provides a core understanding of what it means to become a professional engineer
• defines the basic knowledge of the breadth of understanding required
• focuses on the difficult transition from an academic education to the more complex workplace learning through experience
• offers invaluable guidance and advice on further individual research for the reader’s own professional development
• guidance on key topics for the mentor, as well as the candidate

Initial Professional Development for Civil Engineers is invaluable reading for graduates starting out on their Initial Professional Development, and continuing towards the professional reviews. The book also provides essential reference to the mentors charged with assisting and encouraging graduates to become qualified professional engineers.



1. Introduction

2. What is a Professional Civil Engineer?

3. Learning through experience

4. Advice on learning

5. Technical competence

6. Management and leadership

7. Independent judgement and responsibility

8. Commercial

9. Statutory framework

10. Contractual framework

11. Health, safety and welfare

12. Sustainable development

13. Interpersonal skills

14. Professional commitment