Flood Risk: Planning, Design and Management of Flood Defence Infrastructure

Paul Sayers (Editor)

Price: £ 98.00

ISBN: 9780727741561

Format: Hardback

Publish Date: 06/07/2012

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234x156

Number of Pages: 352

Flood Risk: Planning, Design and Management of Flood Defence Infrastructure


This uniquely comprehensive guide for engineers and scientists demonstrates the feasibility of an integrated approach that combines resilient infrastructure with adaptive flood risk management.

The book offers practical guidance on managing existing flood defences and designing and planning new ones. Key legislation is discussed together with insights into emerging flood risk management concepts and future developments in policy and practice. The authors address the core concepts of flood risk management and equip readers with the tools and techniques needed to better assess the reliability and adaptability of defences and – ultimately – make robust risk-based decisions.

Flood Risk is:

• a single resource covering fluvial, coastal and urban issues
• globally applicable, highlighting the flood risk management lessons learned from international case studies
• authored by an expert group of practising engineers and academic specialists
• extensively referenced with sources of further information on all topics.

Placing flood defence infrastructure within the context of a broader flood risk management approach, this key text is essential reading for engineers, scientists, and government and local authority stakeholders who must meet the increasingly complex challenges of flood risk, both now and in the future.



• Twenty-first Century flood risk management

• Past failures and design lessons

• Visual inspections and surveys, remote sensing techniques and sensors for detailed analyses of flood defence infrastructure

• Supporting flood risk management through better design and management

• Performance of coastal flood defences

• Performance of fluvial defences

• Urban drainage systems

• Dams and reservoirs - regulations, performance and past failures

• Trash screens at culverts

• Design for environmental improvements

• Robust decision-making under uncertainty – towards adaptive and resilient flood risk management infrastructure

• Managing flood risk in the Thames Estuary – the development of a long-term robust and flexible strategy

• The 2001 flood of Houston and Harris County, Texas, USA

• Design of an environmentally aligned flood alleviation scheme: the Burn of Mosset, Moray, Scotland

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