Designers' Guide to Eurocode: Basis of structural design, 2nd edition

Haig Gulvanessian, Jean-Armand Calgaro and Milan Holický

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ISBN: 9780727741714

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 07/03/2012

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 297x210mm

Number of Pages: 200

Designers' Guide to Eurocode: Basis of structural design, 2nd edition


Eurocode 0, EN 1990: Basis of Structural Design is considered the primary document in the Eurocode suite which establishes for the structural Eurocodes the principles and requirements for safety and serviceability of structures. More importantly, EN 1990 must be applied whenever the Eurocodes 1 to 9 are used.

This Designers' Guide was one of the first sources of detailed information on the use of EN 1990 and continues in this new edition to provide technical information on the background to the Eurocode and explains its relationship to the other Eurocodes.

The background to the research-based principles and rules is discussed, emphasising the rules that differ from those in existing codes. Worked examples illustrate the use of new procedures.



Chapter 1. General

Chapter 2. Requirements

Chapter 3. Principles of limit states design

Chapter 4. Basic variables

Chapter 5. Structural analysis and design assisted by testing

Chapter 6. Verification by the partial factor method

Chapter 7. Annex A1 (normative) – Application for buildings

Chapter 8. Management of structural reliability for construction works

Chapter 9. Basis for partial factor design and reliability analysis

Chapter 10. Design assisted by testing

Appendix A. The Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC)
Appendix B. The Eurocode suite
Appendix C. Basic statistical terms and techniques
Appendix D. National standard organisations