Environmental Geotechnics, 2nd edition

Robert W. Sarsby

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ISBN: 9780727741875

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 19/07/2013

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 297x210mm

Number of Pages: 538

Environmental Geotechnics, 2nd edition


Environmental Geotechnics is a forward-thinking guide to aid engineers in applying geotechnical principles, processes and techniques in a way that will not only reduce their environmental impact but should benefit the environment.

The major construction-environment interface is geotechnical in nature. For engineers to be able to foresee environmental problems and modify construction projects, or derive novel approaches, to prevent negative impacts from their works, they need a thorough knowledge of their subject and a constant awareness of the ‘pollution-output’ of any construction operation.

Environment Geotechnics draws on the author’s extensive personal experience to provide a thorough coverage of the key components of environmental geotechnics, enabling engineers to identify and convert complex environmental problems into situations which can be accurately analysed. Revisions in this second edition include a new chapter on foundations and the key elements of design using Eurocode 7, and revised coverage of radioactive waste management and the requirements for safe disposal; construction waste management, including the use of waste as a construction material; geosynthetics and geomembranes.

With illustrative examples on a variety of geotechnical topics, investigation methods and common problems, Environmental Geotechnics demonstrates the applications of geotechnical principles to practical construction, uniquely coupling comprehensive coverage of all aspects of geotechnical engineering with in-depth explanation of ground engineering situations which involve major interaction with the environment.

Environmental Geotechnics is an essential guide for construction professionals wishing to understand the latest concerns and developments on the construction-environmental interface as well as a textbook for all those involved in the study of civil engineering, engineering geology and environmental geotechnics.




1. Geotechnics and the environment

2. Environmental basics

3. Basics of soil materials

4. Ground investigation

5. Compaction and earthworks

6. Shear strength

7. Groundwater and permeability

8. Consolidation and settlement

9. Slope stability

10. Retaining structures

11. Instrumentation and monitoring

12. Waste disposal by landfill

13. Contaminated land

14. Derelict land

15. Tailings dams

16. Waste materials in geotechnical construction

17. Noise and ground vibration

18. Radioactive waste disposal

19. Geotechnical design