Innovative Coastal Zone Management

Edited by Alexandra Schofield

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Publish Date: 07/05/2012

Publisher: ICE Publishing

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Innovative Coastal Zone Management


Coastal zones around the world are vital to recreation, travel, tourism and wildlife but also play an increasingly important role in energy capture, international trade, habitation and the economy. The coast provides engineers and scientists not only with numerous opportunities for development, but also a host of challenges and barriers to successful management. ICE's 7th Conference on Coastal Management will cover an extensive range of subjects including; policy, engineering, management and social and environmental implications. Featuring expert addresses from professionals, focusing on sustaining and developing coastal zones, and the barriers that need to be overcome to allow coasts to meet our economic and social aspirations while respecting their natural function.

The conference is the seventh in this series recognised for its focus on current issues, and its balance between research and practical application. The event will be a forum for forthright discussion, highlighting advances and solutions as well as identifying key areas of debate.



• Section 1: Innovative Coastal Planning, Design And Management, Including Coastal Defence

• Section 2: Coast And Near Shore Renewable Energy Systems

• Section 3: Social, Environmental And Climatic Change

• Section 4: Coastal Policy - Legislation, Targets And The Future

• Section 5: Funding And Accountability - Investment, Opportunities And Growth

• Section 6: Effective Estuarine And Coastal Engineering

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