Sustainable Water

Charles Ainger and Richard Fenner (eds.)

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Publish Date: 02/02/2016

Publisher: ICE Publishing

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Number of Pages: 264

Sustainable Water


Sustainable Water is a practical and accessible book for built environment professionals who play vital roles in creating and maintaining water services. It outlines a framework of fundamental principles, methodologies and approaches needed to deliver high quality, economical and sustainable infrastructure across the globe by approaching it from the time-limited, output-driven perspective of practical infrastructure engineers and practitioners.

The applied examples from existent civil engineering projects identify the key sustainability issues and challenges for the water sector, their common principles and how these can be applied in practice.

As an invaluable resource Sustainable Water:

Identifies the sector priorities for change to sustainability

Uses the latest best practice

Describes opportunities and methodologies with leading edge examples

Discusses the barriers and potential ways to innovate

Identifies opportunities and constraints

Advises on the right questions to ask at each stage of project delivery

Sustainable Water identifies and applies the critical changes needed to provide more sustainable solutions, and to embed these into a tradition of excellent by delivering sufficient water through a good service, of the right quality and at an affordable cost, as straightforwardly as possible.


Series Introduction
About this book
About the contributors

Part I: Principles
Challenges and opportunities

Part II: Practice
Water Resources
Water in the urban system
Water in the rural system
Water demand and supply
Wastewater Management
Drainage and flood resilience
Innovating beyond operations - a water company example
Water in Development

Part III: Change
Drivers and barriers to innovation, and effective responses
Case studies - enablers for sustainability innovation
Ending thoughts - the journey to sustainable water

Appendix 1: Principles for sustainable infrastructure
Appendix 2: Sharing new practice for sustainable water