Steel-concrete Composite Bridges, 2nd edition

David Collings

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ISBN: 9780727758101

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 23/08/2013

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 246x189mm

Number of Pages: 270

Steel-concrete Composite Bridges, 2nd edition


Steel-concrete Composite Bridges is an essential guide to the latest methods in the design and construction of steel-concrete composite bridges. Containing precise data, in-depth examples and numerous illustrations, the second edition offers guidance from the first step in bridge design through to the construction process.

From their historic roots in post-Industrial Revolution Britain through to their modern-day use in the fast-moving and technologically changing Asian landscape, David Collings uses numerous examples from his own experience to examine how bridges can be designed and constructed to Eurocode standards using basic concepts.

Steel-concrete Composite Bridges also covers simple beam bridges, integral bridges, continuous bridges, viaducts, haunches and double composite action, box girders, trusses, arches, cable-stayed bridges, prestressed steel-concrete composite bridges and life cycle considerations, as well as a new section on environmental issues.

The second edition includes:

• in-depth coverage of Eurocodes, their implementation and effect on new bridge-design techniques and a comparison with other international codes
• examples of ways in which theory can be combined with the practical implications of bridge construction, enabling the reader to put design concepts into practice
• comparisons of composite bridges with other types of bridges, particularly concrete structures
• an evaluation of environmental issues surrounding steel-concrete composite bridges and ways in which their carbon footprint can be lowered at the design stage.

Steel-concrete Composite Bridges is a valuable tool for readers with an interest in the building as well as the design of bridges, providing a deeper understanding of the methods used and how they are verified against design codes.



• General concepts

• Simple beam bridges

• Integral bridges

• Continuous bridges

• Viaducts

• Haunches and double composite action

• Box girders

• Trusses

• Arches

• Cable-stayed bridges

• Prestressed steel–concrete composites

• Assessment of composite bridges

Appendix A: Approximate methods
Appendix B: Calculation of elastic section properties
Appendix C: Section properties for the examples
Appendix D: Calculation of plastic section properties for steel–concrete composite sections
Appendix E: Calculation of torsional properties for steel–concrete composite sections
Appendix F: Calculation of elastic section properties for double-composite sections
Appendix G: Moment–axial load interaction for compact steel–concrete