Rock Engineering, 2nd edition

Arild Palmström and Håkan Stille

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ISBN: 9780727759955

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 19/12/2014

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234x156mm

Number of Pages: 456

Rock Engineering, 2nd edition


Rock Engineering provides a comprehensive explanation of the geological principles and ground investigations involved with the geotechnical design and engineering of underground projects. 

It offers an internationally applicable, practical guide for engineers and geologists responsible for considering different ground conditions, design and planning for excavation and underground projects. This informative and highly illustrated resource combines theoretical knowledge and practical examples of rock engineering with detailed case studies of tunnelling and hydropower projects. Theories and realities of risks and uncertainties are discussed to provide an understanding of the considerations needed for successfully planning and executing underground projects.

This fully updated edition has added focus on rock engineering applications in design, planning and excavation. Special chapters have been added dealing with the practical use of the Eurocode in rock design, the design principles of some special underground projects and three case histories. The ambition is to better cover the complex engineering geological process in rock construction, from ground investigation to execution.

Rock Engineering, Second edition:

• outlines strategies for investigating different ground conditions
• discusses new technology and methodology for detecting and analysing risks, and ensuring safety, accountability and sustainability is maintained
• applies geological principles in rock engineering to detailed case study examples
• explains the key principles of design of surface and underground structures
• evaluates uncertainties in geological ground conditions.

Rock Engineering is a valuable reference tool for geotechnical engineers, geologists, consultants, contractors, and advanced students on rock engineering and engineering geology courses.


About the authors

1. Introduction

2. Geology in rock engineering

3. Investigations and measurements

4. Derived ground information and location of the project

5. Ground behaviour

6. Ground conditions and properties

7. Rock engineering design tools

8. Rock engineering in planning

9. Rock engineering and excavation