CDM Regulations 2015 Explained

Raymond Joyce

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ISBN: 9780727760098

Format: Paperbound

Publish Date: 22/04/2015

Publisher: ICE Publishing

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Number of Pages: 168

CDM Regulations 2015 Explained


CDM Regulations 2015 Explained provides a straightforward, independent and authoritative assessment and analysis of the new 2015 CDM Regulations.  The individual roles of each party involved in a construction project are detailed in light of the latest updates to the Regulations.

The book navigates through the radical changes from the previous CDM Regulations and includes helpful checklists to assist each of the duty holders to comply with their obligations and avoid the penalties of non-compliance. CDM Regulations 2015 Explained will be an invaluable source of information for those responsible for the procurement or management of construction projects or anyone wishing to master the latest developments in construction law and health and safety law.

CDM Regulations 2015 Explained:

• offers clear, straightforward guidance to the new Regulations in an established format
• sets out a checklist for each duty holder to ensure quick and easy assimilation of its legal responsibilities
• provides step-by-step practical advice and guidance on each clause contained within the Regulations and insight as to how they are likely to affect professional and business interests
• assists duty holders in complying with their obligations and helps them to avoid the potential pitfalls, and associated penalties, of non-compliance
• includes a complete copy of the 2015 CDM Regulations


About the author
Table of cases
Table of UK statutes
Table of statutory instruments
1. Introduction

2. Framework of health and safety law

3. An overview of the Regulations

4. General duties and principles

5. Provisions for the welfare of workers

6. Consideration for hazardous operations

7. Suitable, sufficient and competent

8. The client

9. The principal designer

10. The designer

11. The principal contractor

12. The contractor

13. The construction phase plan

14. The health and safety file

15. Contract documentation

16. Criminal and civil liability and enforcement

17. Transitional provisions