Programme Management in Construction

Peter T. Barnes, Roy Farren, Ali D. Haidar and Kenneth P. Wells

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ISBN: 9780727760142

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 16/01/2015

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 243x170mm

Number of Pages: 160

Programme Management in Construction


Programme Management in Construction provides a comprehensive introduction to the application of programme management in the construction industry, demonstrating detailed coverage of programme management techniques through best practice guidance and case study examples.

Encompassing project, design and construction management, this book explains how programme management methodology can enable a seamless flow of information between the major stakeholders to allow simultaneous management of the full scope of work and the full range of activities necessary to deliver complex multidisciplinary projects on time, on budget and to the required quality specifications.

Programme Management in Construction:

• discusses design team formation and work stages, charter agreements, Building Information Management/Modelling and analyses current case studies such as financial and programme pre-planning illustrations
• presents the decision-making tools available to navigate potential pitfalls and effectively plan and co-ordinate large construction programmes
• provides an example of a programme, carried through the whole book, considering the successes and failures of the management of the programme
• examines the contractual and legal implications of challenges and opportunities faced by programme managers.

Programme Management in Construction shares the visionary insights and practical experiences of four industry experts who present the multi-faceted nature of programme management for construction professionals. Setting out broad definitions, sound philosophy and theory, and specific practical implications of the applications of programme management, this book is essential reading for the client, stakeholders, contractors and other practitioners dealing with large projects and programmes in the construction industry worldwide.



1. Programme Management - concept and scope

2. Pre-planning and decision making

3. Case studies

4. Programme management contracts formation

5. Planning in programme management

6. Design in programme management

7. Programme management - the future