Practical Road Safety Auditing, 3rd edition

Martin Belcher, Steve Proctor, and Phil Cook

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ISBN: 9780727760166

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 29/04/2015

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234x156mm

Number of Pages: 208

Practical Road Safety Auditing, 3rd edition


Practical Road Safety Auditing explores the systematic process for checking the safety of new and improved road schemes for the benefit of future road users.

An effective Road Safety Audit ensures that all highways schemes operate as safely as is practicable by minimising the chance of future collisions and reducing the risk in their severity. The third edition of Practical Road Safety Auditing provides engineers with clear and comprehensive guidance regarding the new Certificate of Competency, launched by the Highways Agency as part of the new Safety Audit Standard in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges.

Not only will a successful Audit help road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, bus users, equestrians and those with visual and mobility impairments, but an understanding and appreciation of an efficient Road Safety Audit will also improve design and evaluation processes for both new and existing road schemes across the world.

This new edition shares the latest theory and practice from regions such as Europe, South East Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, Canada and the Americas, using real-life examples and case studies of successes and failures to enable the reader to apply best practice to their own road scheme.

Practical Road Safety Auditing includes:

• Up-to-date new research and control data from the industry to help readers carry out a successful Road Safety Audit
• New Certificate of Competency requirements for engineers in the UK and a brief discussion of practice in other countries
• Coverage of other types of design audits, including technical, cycle, pedestrian, mobility, Non-Motorised User Audit and Quality Audit
• Current issues and legal implications of the Road Safety Audit process.

Written by practising Road Safety Auditors, who between them have carried out over 2,000 Road Safety Audits, this book will teach, inform and guide all practitioners commissioning audits, those carrying them out, and those whose schemes are being audited.



• Road Safety Audit procedures

• The Road Safety Audit process

• Road Safety Auditor competency

• Road Safety Audit ‘control data’

• Road Safety problems identified within Road Safety Audit reports

• Legal implications of the Road Safety Audit

• International experience

• Other types of design audit

• Current issues in Road Safety Audit