Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering: Theory and Analysis, Second edition

Alphose Zingoni

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ISBN: 9780727760289

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 14/12/2017

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 246x189mm

Number of Pages: 464

Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering: Theory and Analysis, Second edition


Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering comprehensively covers the theories governing the membrane and bending behaviour of thin elastic shells. It applies these theories to obtain practical solutions for a wide variety of shell structures encountered in the civil and mechanical engineering disciplines. Through a detailed examination of the mathematical solutions, the treatment reveals important insights on the mechanics of the shell, allowing the designer to make more informed choices.

Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering:

presents a thorough discussion of the applicability and limitations of the membrane hypothesis in the context of the more general bending theory of shells
develops the membrane and bending theories of shells, and presents a wealth of closed-form mathematical results for a wide range of shell structures, including junction problems
includes design considerations and parametric findings for domes, shell roofs, cooling towers, pressure vessels, tanks, new shell forms for liquid containment and novel multi-shell assemblies
presents the fundamentals of shell buckling and of finite element modelling of shells.

This new edition is intended for civil and structural engineers involved with the design of domes, architectural shell roofs, industrial barrel roofs, cooling towers, silos, elevated water reservoirs, liquid-containment structures at water treatment works, egg-shaped sludge digesters, oil-storage tanks, chemical storage vessels, and pipelines for water, oil and gas.
It will also be of interest to mechanical and industrial engineers involved with the design of pressure vessels, boilers, nuclear containment vessels and associated piping. The rigorous derivation of theory and inclusion of new findings will appeal to researchers and postgraduate students in these fields.


1. Introduction

2. Membrane theory of shells of revolution

3. Membrane solutions for various shells of revolutions under axisymmetric loading

4. Solution approach for shells of revolution under non-axisymmetric loading

5. Axisymmetric bending of circular cylinders

6. Axisymmetric bending of general shells of revolution

7. Flexibility analysis of shell structures and multi-shell assemblies

8. Parametric studies of membrane and edge effects in containment shells of revolution

9. Membrane theory and solutions for general cylinders

10. Membrane theory and solutions for shells of arbitrary shape

11. Buckling of thin shells of revolution

12. Finite element analysis of shells of revolution

13. Design considerations for shell structures