Construction Planning, 2nd edition

Richard H. Neale, David E. Neale and Paul Stephenson

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ISBN: 9780727760579

Format: Paperbound

Publish Date: 12/04/2016

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234x156mm

Number of Pages: 216

Construction Planning, 2nd edition


Construction Planning, 2nd Edition is a thorough guide to the use of planning techniques, key concepts and the latest developments in the field of project planning.

It explores the construction planning process in the digital age by taking a closer look at the most effective principles and practice, including the latest technological developments to support the successful delivery of projects.

This well-illustrated book provides students, and those needing a foundation in this specific aspect of project management with clear, straightforward and concise explanations of the processes and techniques required for the effective planning and control of construction projects.

Construction Planning, 2nd Edition :
• describes the principal planning techniques - bar charts, network analysis, line-of-balance and linear programmes - that make up the ‘planners’ toolbox’
• explains the practical application of these techniques
• provides guidance on techniques for scheduling and controlling resources
• uses both manual and computer methods of analysis to demonstrate how these techniques can be used for planning, monitoring and controlling the construction works and the resources involved
• explores international and UK case studies in detail,  providing worked


Structure of the book
About the authors

• Part 1. Context and Strategy
1. Construction planning in context
2. Early decisions

• Part 2. Techniques, procedures and methods
3. Planning techniques
4. Resources
5. Monitoring and control
6. Information and communication technology in construction and planning

• Part 3. Planning in practice
7. Putting planning into practice
8. Case studies