Bridge Monitoring: A Practical Guide

Campbell R Middleton, Paul RA Fidler and Paul J Vardanega

Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

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ISBN: 9780727760593

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 22/08/2016

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234x156mm

Number of Pages: 136

Bridge Monitoring: A Practical Guide


Bridge Monitoring provides practical guidance on the monitoring of bridges, with a particular focus on the use of sensor technologies and bridge monitoring systems. As vital infrastructure assets, it is important that bridges are monitored effectively to ensure that they continue to be safe, operational and appropriately maintained.

Bridge Monitoring:

provides a new look at the reasons for, and possible outcomes from, monitoring bridges
discusses how to specify and plan for the instalment of a monitoring system
outlines recent developments in sensor technologies
includes a selection of international bridge monitoring case studies.

Part of a series of best practice guides written by experts at the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC), this book provides valuable information which will be useful to a range of stakeholders involved in the design, construction and management of bridges.

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About the authors
About the contributors
List of abbreviations
Executive summary

1. Introduction

2. The purpose of bridge monitoring

3. Specification of bridge monitoring systems

4. Planning and design of bridge monitoring systems

5. Technologies for bridge monitoring

6. Deployment and operation

7. Case Study: Ferriby Road Bridge monitoring

8. Case Study: Black River Bridge

9. Case Study: Hammersmith Flyover monitoring

10. Case Study: Stafford Area Improvements Programme railway bridges

11. Case Study: UBR 120 Killiney Strand

12. Case Study: Second Severn Crossing

13. Case Study: Instrumentation and monitoring of the Frampton Cotterell FRP traffic bridge

14. Summary and conclusions

Appendix 1 - Example monitoring system specifications
Appendix 2 - Example of a value assessment methodology