Land Drainage and Flood Defence Responsibilities, Fifth edition


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Publish Date: 15/09/2016

Publisher: ICE Publishing

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Land Drainage and Flood Defence Responsibilities, Fifth edition


Land Drainage and Flood Defence Responsibilities offers practical, engineering-focused coverage of the legislation relating to water management, flood risk and drainage. Owing to increasingly erratic weather patterns and the effects of climate change, the topics of drainage and flood are becoming ever more important for policymakers and the engineers and construction professionals charged with responding to these changes. 

This fifth edition has been fully updated to reflect the significant changes which have been made to both domestic and European legislation since the last edition was published in 2010. Each chapter now includes separate sections outlining any differences in legislation between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This new edition covers the following major recent developments:

• Water Act 2014
• Flood and Water Management Act 2010
• Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009
• National Planning Policy Framework
• EU regulations.

Land Drainage and Flood Defence Responsibilities is essential reading for engineers, consultants and design/construction professionals working within the water industry, particularly in sectors relating to flooding and drainage operations.


Abbreviations and definitions

1. Outline of responsibilities and statutes

2. Devolved government and departments

3. Environment Agency

4. Internal drainage boards

5. Local authoriries

6. Riparian owners

7. Differentiation between land drainage and sewerage

8. Development either side of a watercourse

9. Extension of the ‘main river’ designation of watercourses

10. Development planning and management

11. Development in flood plains

12. Roadside ditches

13. Culverted watercourses

14. Grants and contributions

15. Mining subsidence and land drainage

16. Sea defence and coast protection

17. Land drainage and the environment

18. Bibliography

Appendix 1 - Relevant statutes, Statutory Instruments, EC legislation and current Government policy guidance to which reference is made
Appendix 2 -  List of cases to which reference is made
Appendix 3 - Useful addresses