Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis

Andrew Lees

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ISBN: 9780727760876

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 11/10/2016

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234x156mm

Number of Pages: 288

Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis


Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis provides the latest practical guidance and comprehensive explanations of applying finite element analysis (FEA) in geotechnical design – from planning and analysis, determining how the FEA relates to the design process and explaining the decisions that need to be made at each stage through to validation of results and reporting.

This highly illustrated guide expands on the practical benefits of FEA, such as the analysis of complex problems, overall increased productivity and revenue, and explains the complex theory behind the decisions that need to be made at each stage of a project.

Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis:

• features as the first practical and internationally applicable guidebook in this subject area
• includes detailed guidance on using FEA together with international design codes
• clarifies the factors to consider when selecting from the various constitutive models
• attests as a training aid, facilitated by complete worked examples
• covers 160 competence statements from the COGAN Competency Tracker maintained by NAFEMS.

Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis aims to combine essential learning material in one place. As a practical guide, textbook, reference and training tool, it is aimed at practising civil, structural and geotechnical engineers, and those undergoing training in geotechnical FEA and performing geotechnical FEA in design.


About the author

1. How is a geotechnical finite element analysis set up?

2. How are constitutive models selected?

3. How are soil and rocl parameters obtained?

4. How are groundwater effects taken into account?

5. How are geotechnical structures modelled?

6. Can FE analysis be used with design codes?

7. How is the accuracy of output assessed?

8. Examples?