Delay and Disruption Claims in Construction, Third edition

Ali D Haidar and Peter Barnes

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ISBN: 9780727761972

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 03/11/2017

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234x156m

Number of Pages: 176

Delay and Disruption Claims in Construction, Third edition


Delay and Disruption Claims in Construction is a concise practical guide to the process of delay and disruption presentation and evaluation of claims. The book covers the basics of contract law, breaches of contract, delay and disruption, and resulting loss and expense. It also contains real life case studies with detailed analysis and assessment of the claims presented which offer a practical guide to the presentation of claims.

Fully updated, the third edition of Delay and Disruption Claims in Construction contains:

New chapters on disruption claims, comparison of NEC, JCT, and FIDIC contracts, and the standard format for presenting a claim
Four entirely new case studies covering various types of project and illustrating different kinds of claim
Updated case law and reference to recent changes in the law
Extended treatment of planning and programming, delay analysis and protocols, and global and total loss claims.

Delay and Disruption Claims in Construction provides the necessary legal and contractual analysis and information to enable all those involved in the construction process to carry out appropriate analysis and assessment of delay and disruption in a cost-effective and efficient manner. It is an essential guide for engineers, project managers, construction managers, surveyors, and other professionals working in the construction industry, and will also be a valuable reference tool for students.


About the authors

1. Introduction

2. Construction and Contract Law

3. Breach of Contract and Damages

4. Obligations as to time

5. Delay and disruption claims

6. Extension of time claims

7. Loss and expense claims

8. Disruption Claims

9. Standard contract provisions for time and cost

10. Typical claim format

11. Case study - a typical extension of time claim under a JCT contract
12. Case Study - a compensation event claim on an infrastructure project under an NEC3 contract
13. Case Study - delay and disruption claim on an international contract based on the FIDIC form
14. Case Study - delay and disruption on an international contract