Designing for Cycle Traffic

John Parkin

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ISBN: 9780727763495

Format: Limp Cover

Publish Date: 09/08/2018

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 276 x 219m

Number of Pages: 248

Designing for Cycle Traffic


Designing for Cycle Traffic compares and evaluates international principles and practices for designing for cycle traffic. It sets design for cycling in the wider context of public realm design, traffic planning, traffic engineering and traffic management. The book mainly draws on UK, Dutch, Danish and North American principles, and it enables readers to understand how effective design can create efficient transport systems that support economic vibrancy, social activity, and environmental sustainability. A key theme is that only distinct and separate provision for cycle traffic can ensure the creation of attractive and comfortable infrastructure for cyclists.

Coverage includes:
Principles for design to ensure inclusivity
Planning processes for cycle route networks
Design approaches, including capacity calculations for links and junctions, roundabouts and crossings, and signal control
Modelling and level of service assessment approaches.

Each chapter is extensively illustrated, provides a concise overview of the topic, and includes an introductory overview and summary of chapter highlights.

Written in an accessible style by an established international authority, Designing for Cycle Traffic: International principles and practice is essential reading for students, designers and planners in the fields of traffic and highway engineering, spatial and transport planning, architecture and urban design.