ICE Themes: Flood Resilience

Edited by Manuela Escarameia and Andrew Tagg

HR Wallingford in Oxfordshire, UK

Price: £ 125.00

ISBN: 9780727763938

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 24/05/2018

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234 x 156

Number of Pages: 208

ICE Themes: Flood Resilience


ICE Themes: Flood Resilience focuses on identifying novel solutions to the risks of flooding. Manuela Escarameia and Andrew Tagg have curated existing research into sections identifying and planning for flood risks, understanding the problems associated with flood resilience in urban areas and building in resilient flood measures in design. It is underpinned by international case studies and practical advice.

Key Features:
• Features updated coverage of earlier published research, illustrating recent developments and initiatives in the filed
• Includes chapter devoted to promoting sustainable urban drainage systems to increase flood resilience
• Provides essential reading for individuals at all levels who are involved in the flood risk management
• Includes an overview of award winning international project examples, demonstrating flood resilient planning and measures implemented.

This book provides engineers, scientists and planners with valuable perspective on the range of problems and solutions drawn from comprehensive analysis of international case studies which will offer practical advice for implementation of technological tools to improve flood resilience.


Flood Resilience contains chapters on:

Section 1 - Flood risk and resilience:

1. Planning Resilient Urban Waterfronts using Adaptive Pathways

2. Making urban flood resilience more operational: current practice

3. Building a resilient system of defence against flooding from the Rh๔ne

4. An organisation for improving flood resilience in Thailand

5. Techniques for valuing adaptive capacity in flood risk management

6. Enhancing urban flood resilience – a case study for policy implementation

Section 2 - Building flood resilience:

7. Testing innovative technologies to manage flood risk

8. Methods of assessing flood resilience of critical buildings

Section 3 - Urban drainage flood resilience:

9. Liverpool integrated urban drainage: a partnership approach

10. Sustainable drainage systems: helping people live with water

Section 4 - Urban planning and flood resilience:

11. Flood Resilient Redevelopment-Cincinnati's Central Riverfront