Bundle: ICE Professional Development

Author(s): Patrick Waterhouse and H. Macdonald Steels
ISBN: 9780727765390
Publication Date: 28 May 2020
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This discounted ICE Professional Development set is comprised of three titles essential to the ICEs Professional Review process and preparing for a fulfilling career as a civil engineer. From understanding the professional reviews process to…

Subjects: Business skills and techniquesLeadershipManagementCPD (Continuing professional development)EducationProfessional mentoringProfessional reviewsProfessional standardsProfessional training
Product code: 9780727765390

This discounted ICE Professional Development set is comprised of three titles essential to the ICE’s Professional Review process and preparing for a fulfilling career as a civil engineer. From understanding the professional reviews process to mentoring graduate engineers to hone their skills, the books offer a full and thorough overview of the processes and the civil engineering industry more widely.
Initial Professional Development for Civil Engineers, Second edition provides a core foundation of information on skills, knowledge and understanding, on which the development of every professional civil engineer, and their preparation for professional reviews, is based. The third edition of Successful Professional Reviews for Civil Engineers offers a comprehensive guide to the constituent parts of the ICE Professional Review process, ideal for those engineers nearing the completion of their initial professional development. Finally, Mentoring for Civil Engineers is a guide to planning and implementing the training of professional civil engineers that ensures that engineers have the necessary skills, ability and commitment to the profession.
This selection of books is essential reading for engineers either undertaking the professional review process or assisting a graduate through it. The books reveal the full spectrum of the process and provide hints, tips and techniques to understanding the world of civil engineering.


One could call this trilogy ‘The Big Bonus Bonanza Bundle of Dominance’. Why? This bundle is absolutely crammed full of helpful details, suggestions, examples and tips, everything the potential ICE candidate requires to ensure success, and dominance, at the Professional Review.
This bundle is undoubtedly a useful addition to every ICE aspirants library. All three books are readable as they are written in a comfortable, down to earth style. The prose is neither highbrow nor oversimplified, the narrative simply hits the sweet spot. They are a joy to read as the format, content, and flow of these books takes the reader on a gentle journey from the initial dream of professional status to fruition.  

Andrew Leisk, FRICS, FCInstCES, FCIOB, International lecturer, Lincoln College

These slim, digestible volumes contain a cornucopia of homilies, advice, tips, case studies, and anecdotes built from years of direct involvement in the ICE Professional Review, and benefitting from the collaboration of Mac Steels, author of earlier guides in the same field. Wisely, Waterhouse has also assembled a panel of consultees, adding more expertise, knowledge and validation to the content.

These volumes solidly earn their place as the most useful and authoritative ‘workshop manuals’ for graduates, technicians, and supervising civil engineers. Professional Reviewers will also do well to read and absorb. There is no better written guidance on the current process.

Prof Gordon Masterton, OBE DL, President of the Institution of Civil Engineers 2005-06​

This family of books provide the ultimate guidance to those navigating a trainee’s route through to Professional Review, and also excellent reading for the trainee themselves to understand what lies behind the process. At times, for some trainees that process can seem mystifying, but behind it all is the desire to stretch a trainee, so that they achieve their potential for their personal development, but also for the good of the profession.
This set of books is a valuable investment, and I think of use to all in the profession, whether, trainee, mentor (Supervising Civil Engineer, Delegated Engineer or Mentor) or others in the business looking to understand the process better.

Veronica Flint Williams, Environment Agency, UK

If you are a graduate civil engineer, Mentor, a Delegated Engineer or an SCE and you haven't got at least one of these books on your shelf, you seriously have to ask yourself, why!
The authors, Patrick Waterhouse and Macdonald Steels have produced these three books, updated over the years, that contain a wealth of information about the whole Chartered Review process from training to Chartered status. They cover all the basics, what to do, when to do it and above all, demonstrate. You will see this latter word over and over again and as a Reviewer myself, that is all I want a candidate to do, demonstrate why you are a Chartered Civil Engineer.
Get these books, read them again and again, so they fall to pieces like mine have, you won't regret it for one moment.

Eur Ing Philip J Parker BSc CEng FICE

There is an often quoted pearl of wisdom along the lines of “Those who fail to plan are planning to fail.” Never is this more applicable than to anyone proposing to undertake the ICE Professional Review. Years of education, effort, frustration and achievement are condensed into a showing lasting an hour or so.

The three books produced by Patrick Waterhouse and Mac Steels are absolutely vital to the aspiring Civil Engineering professional. They tell it as it is, cutting through the myths and rumours associated with the process of achieving the status of a professional Civil Engineer.

As an ICE Reviewer, I applaud the dedication put into the preparation of these books and unreservedly recommend their use by all involved in the process. Buy them, read them, understand them and treasure them. They are worth it.

Chris Bennion CEng FICE FCIHT MIED

The books in Bundle: ICE Professional Development are extremely useful for candidates looking at their Initial Professional Development and for those who are sitting their Professional Review. Alongside this, Mentoring for Civil Engineers provides a great insight into how Delegates and Supervising Civil Engineers should be supporting their Mentees during both the IPD and the review stages of their journey towards becoming a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. (...)
These books are a must-read for candidates and Mentors alike and are worth every penny. Patrick Waterhouse has meticulously covered every possible angle and scenario. There are no better publications out there covering these subjects.

Owaiz Khan MICE, National Key Account & Engineering Manager, MGF Excavation Safety Solutions

This package of books gives you all you need to support aspiring members of the Institution through the cycle of Initial Professional Development and the ICE Professional Review. The IPD volume walks you through the attributes of a member, and the Successful Reviews volume sets you up for the final submission, pulling all the experience you have into a coherent story, and de-mystifies the Review itself. The Mentoring Books clears up myths and legends about the ICE, and helps Mentors understand how to Mentor a diverse range of people, who may think and be motivated in totally different ways to them, and how to ‘sell’ the benefits of ICE membership within their organisations. 

Irrespective of your role, these books give clear pointers and questions to ask yourself to give the best chance of success. This is illustrated by real examples and real experience, to help you see how experience might fit into a whole. 

Andy Thompson BSc (Hons) MEng CEng FICE, Jacobs

Patrick Waterhouse is a chartered civil engineer specialising in construction contracts and dispute resolution. He has been an ICE reviewer for 20 years as well as being a member of various Institution panels and committees including the professional conduct panel. H. Macdonald Steels is a retired engineer. He guided 4,500 trainee engineers towards professional qualification, through ICE and kindred Institutions.

Initial Professional Development for Civil Engineers, Second edition

01.    Introduction
02.    What is a professional civil engineer?
03.    Learning and development
04.    What does the ICE require?
05.    Knowledge and understanding of engineering
06.    Technical and practical application of engineering
07.    Management and leadership
08.    Independent judgement and responsibility
09.    Commercial ability
10.    Health, safety and welfare
11.   Sustainable development
12.    Interpersonal skills and communication
13.    Professional commitment
14.    What next?

Successful Professional Reviews for Civil Engineers, Fourth edition

01. The role of the profession
02. The jigsaw concept for Review preparation 7
03. Career Appraisal (CA) 11
04. The complete picture 19
05. Professional engineer 25
06. The Review specification 29
07. Difference between a Member (or Associate)
08. Starting the submission 49
09. Continuing Professional Development 57
10. The Professional Review Report 63
11. Reports – common faults 69
12. Supporting documents 77
13. Putting the Professional Review submission
14. Preparing for the presentation 89
15. The Review day 95
16. The Written Exercise 105
17. The aftermath 117
18. Technical Report route (TRR) 121

Mentoring for Civil Engineers 

01. Introduction
02. Learning and development
03. The business objectives of learning and development
04. Recruiting the right people
05. How ICE qualifications support organization learning and development
06. The ICE training scheme
07. Preparing a training scheme
08. Training agreements for the ICE training scheme
09. The mechanics of ICE’s training scheme
10. What should mentors do in theory?
11. What do mentors actually do in civil engineering?
12. Trainees’ reports
13. Mentors’ responses to development reports
14. Monitoring progress
15. ICE professional review
16. The reviewers
17. Sponsors’ scrutiny of submission documents
18. Preparation for review
19. The aftermath of failure