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We bring you real world impact news, a book sale and more to mark the 24th World Book Day.

ICE Publishing at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Join us in celebrating World Book Day 2021
  • Updated: 02 Mar 2021
  • Author: April Nagy

Share a Million Stories
Last year's World Book Day celebrations were focused on sharing stories, so we invited you to share your stories with us. You told us how our books changed your life; how they helped your careers move into the fast lane, improved your technical knowledge, and more. This year's theme of 'changing lives through a love of books and shared reading' builds on last year's success.

Three books changing lives
We aim for our titles to deliver real-world impact, whether it is helping to build more sustainable cities, making use of digital tools to ensure a smooth construction progress, or improving the flow of construction projects.


1. Energy and Mobility in Smart Cities

Available as a print book and an eBook

Energy and Mobility in Smart Cities was one of the top publications fuelling discussions in 2020 with an Altmetric score of 55! It was referenced in an article in The Conversation which emphasised the need for the bus system to reinvent itself and presented this book as an information source on “how digital technologies and new business models can help” this process.


2. Designing for Cycle Traffic: International principles and practice

Available in print and as an eBook

Designing for Cycle Traffic, boasting an Altmetric score of 48, has not only encouraged a lot of talk online, especially on social media, but it has also been praised for its sound advice on transport planning which would bring “economic, social and environmental benefit”. Join our author, John Parkin in his efforts to make cycling safer and better planned.


3. Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook: A practical guide for planners, developers and communities, Third edition

Available in print and as an eBook

Environmental impact assessment is an important aspect of many planning applications. It involves an assessment of the potential environmental impacts of a project. Our updated Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook is a thorough introduction to environmental impact assessment and even influenced the Government’s Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions’ plans to put more emphasis on EIA procedures. Pick up your copy to learn how to conduct an assessment step by step and to follow best practices in this area.
Looking for more to read?
Our books were a big hit with the civil engineers last year. We published “a racy and entertaining read for civil engineers”, “the Big Bonus bonanza Bundle of Dominance” and a “stalwart of civil engineering profession” – have you read our most popular 2020 books?
World Book Week Sale now on
We are celebrating World Book Day with a 20% discount on our 400*+ print books. Explore ICE Bookshop to discover titles in the sale – from geology, geotechnical and ground engineering, building and structures to coastal, maritime and offshore engineering, and much more. The offer ends on 21 March 2021.
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