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Introducing a fully updated new edition of Asset Management. Edited by industry experts, Chris Lloyd, editor of the First edition, and Michael Corcoran of CAS, it is now available for purchase in both - digital and print formats.

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Second edition of Asset Management now published
  • Updated: 13 Aug 2019
  • Author: April Asta Brodie

The first edition of Asset Management published in 2010, when asset management was still a relatively new subject, and quickly became a key reference for professionals and students alike. This Second edition reflects the rapid shift from theory to practice that has taken place since 2010, driven by public demands for more cost effective and sustainable performance from private and state-owned businesses whose success depends on physical assets and infrastructure.

Asset management is no longer just a hot topic, it is a mainstream best practice that offers asset dependent businesses a strategic approach to delivering what they promise to shareholders, service users, tax payers and other stakeholders at low cost and with reduced risk. There is now a global community of practice, a rapidly expanding network of universities, training providers and professional bodies offering courses, qualifications and guidance, underpinned by ISO 55000 - the international standard for asset management systems.

The Second edition of this book has been fully revised and updated and two thirds of the contents is new. It features a series of thought-provoking, inspiring and polemical contributions from an internationally recognised groups of thinkers, advisers, managers and leaders. The chapters point to the achievements, untapped potential and future challenges of asset management, and spell out the implications these have, not just for business leaders and professionals, but for governments and the planet.

Asset Management, Second edition, contains eleven chapters organised into three sections covering the state-of-the-art, developing culture and practice, and future directions. The individual chapters cover a wide range of topics spanning the full range of implications asset management has for business decision making and performance. These include

  • the assessment and improvement of organisational capability
  • maximising return on investment, business architecture
  • asset information
  • lifecycle management
  • maintenance and operations
  • digitalisation
  • asset management plans and system design
  • ISO 55001
  • smart cities
  • intelligent infrastructure and assets
  • cyber physical systems
  • workforce competence
  • professional development
  • leadership and governance
  • organisational culture
  • strategy development
  • performance evaluation
  • inspiring the next generation
  • stakeholder engagement
  • change academic research priorities
  • climate change.

The book is packed full of examples of good and bad practice, useful models, frameworks, diagrams, tables, data and references to further reading and research.

With contributions from leading advisers, industry experts and academic researchers, it is an essential companion for busy professionals getting to grips with new responsibilities, a mine of information and examples for course designers and a must-read for all serious students of the subject.

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