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ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure

Author(s): Edited by Carla-Leanne Washbourne and Claire Wansbury

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Publication date: 17 January 2023
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ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure is the practical guide to designing and creating different aspects of blue-green solutions. It draws together an exceptional breadth of material to help practitioners explain the value of Blue-Green Infrastructure to others, embed it into new development projects, retrofit to older ones, and provide for its l

ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure draws together an exceptional breadth of material to provide a complete practical reference on Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI) solutions. Written and edited by leading specialists, each chapter provides a contemporary overview of a significant area within the field and guidance on key considerations in BGI design, creation, retrofitting and maintenance.

The book will help practitioners to explain the value of BGI, embed it into new development projects, retrofit it to older ones and provide for its long-term successful maintenance.

Key features include

  • introduction to BGI, including definitions, and overarching benefits and challenges
  • targeted chapters focusing on particular project types, landscapes and approaches, including coastal and marine BGI, BGI on highways, green bridges, green roofs, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), trees and soils
  • BGI standards and key issues for the management and maintenance of BGI
  • examples of successful projects across a range of sectors.

Together, the chapters demonstrate how BGI is a vital part of infrastructure engineering design, which can deliver multifunctional benefits across multiple scales and sectors. Part of the ICE Manuals series, ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure is an essential reference for practicing engineers, masterplanners, landscape architects, water design specialists, ecologists, development companies, and local planning authorities.

Carla-Leanne Washbourne BSc (Hons) MSc PhD FGS FHEA is Associate Professor in Environmental Science and Policy at University College London, UK 

Claire Wansbury MA MSc FCIEEM FLS CEcol CEnv CMLI is Atkins Fellow and Technical Director, Ecology at Atkins Ltd

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780727765420
Number of pages: 352
Product code: 9780727765420
Page size: 276 x 219mm
Publication status: Published
Publisher: ICE Publishing

1. Definitions and context of blue-green infrastructure, Ian Mell (University of Manchester) and Alister Scott (Northumbria University)

2. The benefits of blue-green infrastructure, Elana Bader (NatureScot), Chris Rogers (University of Birmingham), Martin Faulkner (NatureScot) and Mark Gough (Capitals Coalition)

3. Masterplanning for blue-green infrastructure, Peter Massini (Future Nature Consulting Ltd) and Sheena Raeburn (RaeburnFarquharBowen)

4. Coastal and marine blue-green infrastructure, Larissa A Naylor (University of Glasgow), Eliška Kosová (University of Glasgow), Tim Gardiner (Environment Agency), Nick Cutts with Krystal Hemingway (Cutts & Hemingway Estuarine Ecology and Management Ltd), Roger JH Herbert (University of Bournemouth), Alice E Hall (University of Plymouth) and Mairi MacArthur (University of Glasgow)

5. Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), Jeremy Jones (Atkins Ltd), Bridget Woods Ballard (HR Wallingford), Alison Duffy (Abertay University) and Claire L Walsh (Newcastle University)

6. Green bridges, Stephanie Peay (AECOM) and Sarah Kydd (WSP)

7. Green roofs, Caroline Nash (University of East London), Aurore Julien (University of East London), Chris Roddick (Bauder) and Stuart Connop (University of East London)

8. Living walls, Shelley Mosco (formerly University of Greenwich)

9. Trees as urban infrastructure, Emma Ferranti (University of Birmingham; Trees and Design Action Group), Anne Jaluzot (Green Infrastructure Planning Consultant), Sue James (Trees and Design Action Group) and Kieron Doick (Forest Research)

10. Blue-green infrastructure on highways, Phil Sterling (Butterfly Conservation), Ben Hewlett (National Highways) and Kate Petty (Bath Spa University) with contributions from Clare Warburton (Natural England) and Mark Schofield (Plantlife)

11. Soil management and engineering for blue-green infrastructure, Mark A Goddard (Northumbria University), Helen C Glanville (Loughborough University), Carla Comadran-Casas (University of Glasgow), M Ehsan Jorat (Abertay University), David AC Manning (Newcastle University), Miranda T Prendergast-Miller (Northumbria University) and Kevin D Stott (Northumbria University)

12. Blue-green infrastructure on mineral sites, Richard Lord (University of Strathclyde), Andy J Moffat (AJ Moffat & Associates), Danni Sinnett (University of the West of England), Peter Phillips (Scottish Government), Dave Brignall (Wardell Armstrong LLP) and David Manning (Newcastle University)

13. Frontiers in blue-green infrastructure, Michael Hardman (University of Salford), Katherine Baldock (Northumbria University), Stuart Connop (University of East London), Kenny Taylor (NatureScot) and Ross Stirling (Newcastle University)

14. Stewardship, management and maintenance of blue-green infrastructure, Jon Rooney (Arup) and Rebecca Martin (The Environment Partnership (TEP) Ltd)

15. Standards for blue-green infrastructure, Jane Houghton (Natural England), Clare Warburton (Natural England), Mike Grace (Birmingham City University), Alison Smith (University of Oxford), Peter Neal (Peter Neal Consulting), Ian Mell (University of Manchester), Gemma Jerome (Building with Nature), Martin Moss (Natural England), David Fanaroff (Natural England) and Amy Croombs (Natural England)

16. Case studies of blue-green infrastructure in spatial planning, Alister Scott (Northumbria University), Elana Bader (NatureScot) and Nicola Dempsey (University of Sheffield)

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