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ICE Manual of Geotechnical Engineering, (2-volume set)

Author(s): Edited by: Tim Chapman; Hilary Skinner; D G Toll; Kelvin Higgins; Mike Brown; John Burland
Publication date: 17 November 2023
ISBN: 9780727766854
ICE Manual of Geotechnical Engineering, Second edition brings together an exceptional breadth of material to provide a definitive reference on geotechnical engineering solutions. Written and edited by leading specialists, each chapter provides contemporary guidance and best practice knowledge for civil and structural engineers in the field.

Fire Safety in Buildings: Questions and Answers

Author(s): Pat Perry
Publication date: 31 October 2023
ISBN: 9780727766472
Fire Safety in Buildings is a practical handbook on fire safety legislation, duties and requirements, providing answers to common questions relating to a range of fire prevention, protection and management issues. It is an essential reference for a range of professionals including engineers, architects and project managers.

Empirical Design in Structural Engineering

Author(s): Thomas Boothby
Publication date: 10 October 2023
ISBN: 9780727766335
Through case studies from North America, Europe and Asia, Empirical Design in Structural Engineering shows that empirical design is practised much more widely than is generally understood,that it can make a valuable contribution to structural engineering design, and can be found embedded within the procedures of rational engineering design.

Environmental Law for Sustainable Construction

Author(s): Francine Baker; Jennifer Charlson
Publication date: 25 September 2023
ISBN: 9780727766458
Environmental Law for Sustainable Construction gives a practical overview of key areas of environmental law as it affects the construction sector. It is suitable for a broad range of practitioners in the architecture, engineering and construction industry who require a clear reference to help navigate the complexity in this area of law.

Earthquake Engineering for Dams and Reservoirs

Author(s): Jonathan Hinks
Publication date: 25 September 2023
ISBN: 9780727766151
Earthquake Engineering for Dams and Reservoirs is an invaluable source for any engineer, or designer, tasked with building, retrofitting or maintaining dams in all seismically active regions to make decisions on the type of dam structure required for new projects and understand the issues that face existing dams and how to mitigate them.

Landslide Risk Assessment, Third edition

Author(s): Mark E Lee and David K C Jones
Publication date: 02 June 2023
ISBN: 9780727766236
Landslide Risk Assessment, Third edition is the essential guide on establishing the likelihood and extent to which future slope failures could adversely impact society and affect urban areas. This book examines a variety of approaches to landslide risk assessment and management. It introduces the key challenges that practitioners will need to overc

Deterioration and Maintenance of Pavements, Second edition

Author(s): David Cudworth and Mujib Rahman
Publication date: 05 May 2023
ISBN: 9780727765086
Deterioration and Maintenance of Pavements is a hands-on guide to the practicalities of pavement engineering. Now updated in this second edition and with additional information on principles of pavement design, this book covers the complete spectrum of pavement types, from footways to runways and from heavily trafficked roads in the UK to unpaved r

Digital Twins for Smart Cities: Conceptualisation, challenges and practices

Author(s): Li Wan, Timea Nochta, Junqing Tang and Jennifer Schooling
Publication date: 19 April 2023
ISBN: 9780727766007
Digital Twins for Smart Cities provides conceptual clarity and practical guidance for supporting city-scale digital twin (CDT) development. Digital twin technology has made great strides in the engineering and manufacturing sector over the past decade however there remains confusion to what a digital twin is and how they can be utilised successfull

Appraisal and Repair of Existing Concrete Structures

Author(s): Yue Choong Kog
Publication date: 31 March 2023
ISBN: 9780727766939
Appraisal and Repair of Existing Concrete Structures is a practical and concise reference for practising civil and structural engineers engaged in the appraisal and repair of concrete buildings. Comprehensive in scope, the book provides a detailed guide to all stages of appraisal, and the issues that can be encountered in the structural appraisal p

Bundle: High Speed Two (HS2): Infrastructure Design and Construction – 4 volume set

Author(s): High Speed Two
Publication date: 20 February 2023
ISBN: 9780727767004
The main construction of HS2, Britain’s new zero carbon, high-speed railway, began in September 2020, when delivery activity on Phase One moved from enabling works, scheme design and preparatory work to full construction of the railway. The new railway will link London and the West Midlands and eventually extend services to the North and Scotland.