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Dr. Kamal Laksiri, Project Director of Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka, examines the pragmatic advice on dealing with construction disputes found in Keating Construction Dispute Resolution Handbook, Third Edition.

ICE Publishing at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Can a book really help you solve construction disputes?
  • Updated: 11 Mar 2020
  • Author: Dr. Kamal Laksiri, Project Director of Ceylon Electricity Board

I bought Keating Construction Dispute Resolution Handbook, Third Edition when I came across it on the ICE Bookshop, having understood how useful it will be in the field I work in.

Disputes in construction projects have become very common throughout the industry, causing serious cost increases and preventing the projects from delivering the expected benefits. Hence engineers, quantity surveyors and other professionals involved in project implementation, all need to be thorough in this area.

I’m currently a Project Director with nearly 30 years’ experience in heavy construction projects and I find this book very useful for a number of reasons.

The approach of the book relies on a simple philosophy - if you want to avoid a formal dispute, ensure you are prepared for one. On this basis, the book puts great emphasis on getting the readers equipped for disputes. In my opinion, this is the most useful feature of the book.

Disputes arising in construction projects are awfully time consuming and expensive. Interesting case studies are supplied as examples. The book includes a step by step process for coping with a wide range of disputes in construction projects. It also describes how to make effective use of the full range of procedures.

As a FIDIC trained adjudicator, I find the recent legal cases and decisions of the Supreme Court depicted in the book highly useful for learning about all aspects of dispute resolution. The book also contains checklists, model notices, mediation papers, pleadings, and other relevant documents involved in contracting.

I always keep Keating Construction Dispute Handbook in my bag as a handy reference. As the book’s title says, it is truly a handbook and a must-have for all professionals involved in construction projects implementation.
Find out more about Keating Construction Dispute Resolution Handbook, Third Edition, available in both print and digital format.