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ICE Handbook of Urban Drainage Practice

Author(s): Professor Richard Ashley, Brian Smith, Paul Shaffer and Issy Caffoor

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Publication date: 16 February 2024
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Written by leading experts, ICE Handbook of Urban Drainage Practice provides an overview of key challenges, opportunities and future directions of urban drainage in a practical, accessible way. An invaluable tool for local authority engineers, environmental engineers, drainage design/operation engineers, and consultants or contractors.

Written and edited by leading experts in the field, Urban Drainage Practice provides an overview of current key challenges, opportunities and future directions of urban drainage in a practical and accessible way.

Initially setting out the context of historical urban drainage for sanitary and stormwater systems, the book covers the key elements of public and stakeholder engagement, rainfall inputs, some fundamentals of urban hydrology and the development of computational modelling. It also explains how systems are now planned, designed and operated, alongside contemporary asset management and introduces the main elements of monitoring and management of urban drainage systems, as well as advancements in data acquisition, and transition to greater automation.

The book summarises regulations and other sources of information that professionals need to consult to practice effectively within a specific area of urban drainage, explores modelling, sustainability, and smart systems, along with providing the global and local context of sustainable drainage, using case studies from across the UK and around the world.

Urban Drainage Practice is an invaluable tool for local authority engineers, environmental engineers, drainage design and operation engineers, public health consultants, engineering hydrology professionals, and consultants or contractors working in this field. It is also a useful resource for students of engineering and sustainability, as well as professionals working in other disciplines who wish to understand how engineers are approaching urban drainage practice.

Emeritus Professor Richard Ashley BSc MPhil CEng MICE MCIWEM is a Professional Civil, Water and Environmental Chartered UK Civil Engineer at The University of Sheffield, UK.

Brian Smith I.Eng, MICE has a wide-ranging career in Engineering spanning more than 47 years. He has a broad, diverse skill base and technical expertise across many disciplines relevant to the Water Industry.

Paul Shaffer is Director of Innovation and Delivery at The Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management and Research Fellow in Sustainable Water Management at The University of Sheffield, UK.

Issy Caffoor has worked within and alongside the water sector for over 49 years, 27 of these at Yorkshire Water where he worked as an R&D Manager.

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780727741783
Number of pages: 243
Product code: 9780727741783
Page size: 488 x 170mm
Publication status: Published
Publisher: ICE Publishing
Subjects: Drainage

Chapter 1. Urban drainage
Chapter 2. Urban drainage systems
Chapter 3. Stormwater control
Chapter 4. Engagement for effective urban drainage
Chapter 5. Urban drainage and development
Chapter 6. Rainfall estimation and prediction for urban drainage
Chapter 7. Urban hydrology
Chapter 8. Managing surface water using natural systems
Chapter 9. Sensing and control in urban drainage systems
Chapter 10. Asset management, operation and maintenance
Chapter 11. Urban drainage analysis and modelling
Chapter 12. Framing urban drainage
Chapter 13. Future outlook for urban drainage
Chapter 14. Case studies

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