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Strategic Management of Flood Risk

Author(s): Duncan McLuckie and Jaya Kandasamy, with Paul Sayers
Publication Date: September 2018
ISBN: 9780727761378
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Strategic Management of Flood Risk offers a proven approach for flood risk management in communities internationally. This supports the practical consideration of the full range of flood behaviour in decisions that influence this risk.  These decisions may relate to man...

Port Designer's Handbook, Fourth edition

Author(s): Carl A Thoresen
Publication Date: April 2018
ISBN: 9780727763075
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Now in its fourth edition, Port Designer’s Handbook is the definitive guide to the layout, design and construction of harbours and port structures. Fully in line with the latest PIANC recommendations, this book covers all aspects of port planning and design from the impact ...

Coastal Management 2019: Joining forces to shape our future coasts

Author(s): Edited by Nick Hardiman and The Institution of Civil Engineers
Publication Date: January 2020
ISBN: 9780727765147
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The Institution of Civil Engineers’ Coastal Management conference series is the leading forum for the presentation of the latest developments in coastal engineering. The 9th conference took place in La Rochelle, France, from 24−26 September 2019. The proceedings of this confer...

Dynamics of Estuarine Muds

Author(s): R Whitehouse, R Soulsby, W Roberts and H Mitchener, HR Wallingford
Publication Date: November 2000
ISBN: 9780727728647
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The ability to predict the movement of cohesive sediment within coastal, estuarine or inland waters has a significant economic and ecological importance in the development of new engineering works and the maintenance of existing installations. Dynamics of estuarine muds clear...

Civil Engineering Special Issue: Climate change challenges

Author(s): Editor: Simon Fullalove
Publication Date: April 2021
ISBN: 9780727766045
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This special issue of Civil Engineering is a showcase of research and case studies on what civil engineers can do to address climate-change risks, the challenges of assessing whole-life climate impacts and risks, and a look at new design approaches that enable projects to be...

From Sea to Shore - Meeting the Challenges of the Sea

Author(s): Edited by William Allsop and Kevin Burgess
Publication Date: September 2014
ISBN: 9780727759757
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The ICE Coasts, Maritime Structures and Breakwaters conference series, sponsored by the ICE for over thirty years, is the leading forum for the presentation of the latest developments in coastal and maritime engineering. The tenth conference, From Sea to Shore – Meeting the...

Piers, Jetties and Related Structures Exposed to Waves - Guidelines for Hydraulic Loading

Author(s): Kirsty McConnell, William Allsop and Ian Cruickshank
Publication Date: August 2004
ISBN: 9780727732651
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Jetties, piers and other marine structures constructed in exposed locations require careful assessment of their hydraulic loads. Increasingly trade economics are leading to larger ship sizes and existing and new port locations for these vessels require longer jetties in signi...

Revetment Systems Against Wave Attack: A Design Manual

Author(s): Kirsty McConnell, HR Wallingford
Publication Date: January 1998
ISBN: 9780727727060
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This book discusses the functions of revetments and the different aspects of structural performance. It includes example specifications and calculations that enable the engineer to choose the most stable, appropriate and cost-effective revetment system for a given situation. ...

Design of Vertical Gravity Sea and Quay Walls

Author(s): Marisa Ackhurst
Publication Date: May 2020
ISBN: 9780727763617
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This essential book offers a comprehensive guide to the design of vertical gravity concrete sea and quay wall structures for practitioners in the field. Design of Vertical Gravity Sea and Quay Walls covers the complete process from structure type selection through to detai...

Civil Engineering Special Issue: Underground Construction

Author(s): Editor: Simon Fullalove
Publication Date: May 2020
ISBN: 9780727765413
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£27.30 £36.40

This Civil Engineering special issue is on underground construction. It explores some of the latest developments and innovations that are transforming underground construction across the world. The wide-ranging papers cover various ways in which underground spaces can meet soc...